Allocation Form

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Organization Information

UM-Flint e-mail

Funding Purpose

Requirements for Funding:

As per Title (VII) (A) (1) of the Student Funding Board Charter:

 Funds from the Board shall be restricted from use for the following purposes:

(i) Funding a student organization more than six times an academic year; and

(ii)                 Costs not related to the academic and/or co-curricular mission of the University or requesting student organization; and

(iii)              Alcohol or contraband; and

(iv)            Student housing or a fraternity or sorority, except for community service, professional-based activity, and/or philanthropic activity, and which must be properly publicized and open to all students;

(v)            Direct monetary contribution to a non-profit or on behalf of a non-profit; and

(vi)               Support or opposition of a partisan political view, a religious doctrine or belief, or a candidate for public office that is not viewpoint neutral; and

(vii)            Gift certificates/cards, certificates, awards, prizes, trophies; and

(viii)          Consultants; and

(ix)       Salary, stipend, tuition, and/or fees; and

(x)             Membership fees; and

(xi)               Induction/initiation ceremonies

(xii)             Items purchased to be sold for profit to the organization, fundraisers

Itemized Budget

Submit any additional documents including invoices, receipts, price quotes, or estimates to the Student Government office to 364 Harding Mott University Center, with the name of your Organization and name of activity. 

Financial Support

As per Title VII (B) (1), the organization must raise at least 10% of the TOTAL requested allocation.

Off Campus Allocation Only

As per Title VII (B) (1) (i), if the allocation request is for off campus allocation, the organization must raise at least 50% of the TOTAL requested allocation. 

Allocation Request Totals

The number after subtracting the Total Financial Support from the Total Allocation Requested
Rationale for Funding

The more information that is provided, the more it will support your case. 

This binding agreement will hold the Student Organization, "We", responsible for following the Student Funding Board Charter, the Student Unified Code, and the Constitution of the Student Government. 


We hereby authorize Student Funding Board and its members to review this Allocation Request and investigate all information provided herein. With the submittal of this allocation, "We", the Organization, certify that all information given is true and accurate to the best of our knowledge. We will keep all receipts and will return them for verification. We understand that submitting an Allocation Request is not a guarantee for funding. We also understand that a representative from our organization may be asked to appear for a hearing before the Student Funding Board. We further attest who prepared this Allocation Request has been authorized to do so. 

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