Student Organization Update Form 2012-2013

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Student Organization Information

University Faculty Or Staff Advisor

Executive Leaders
Example: Director, Commissioner, etc.

Vice President
Example: Director, Commissioner, etc.

Example: Director, Commissioner, etc.

Example: Director, Commissioner, etc.

Additional Officer 1
Example: Director, Commissioner, etc.

Additional Officer 2
Example: Director, Commissioner, etc.

Additional Officer 3
Example: Director, Commissioner, etc.

Additional Officer 4
Example: Director, Commissioner, etc.

Authorized Signers

Authorized Signers are the only individuals who will be able to access organization funds, financial information, and make room reservations. Each organization is allowed a maximum of three (3) Authorized Signers. Advisors are unable to be Authorized Signers.


Tentative Events

Student Government And Agency Agreement

We, the student organization declares that the information above is; to the best of our knowledge; accurate and complete. We understand that, as an organization, we will be required to keep the above information current. We acknowledge that failure to do so may result in the loss of our active status and privileges.

We, the student organization, ackowledge that by accepting official recognition we do not automatically become agents of the Student Government (SG) or University of Michigan-Flint (UM-Flint), able to officially address issues of concern to the students of the University. Hence, this group will not advocate issues or promote concerns assuming the support of SG, SG Officials, UM-Flint, or University officials. This group will not communicate to any body and/or person that it speaks for all students, the University or any portion thereof beyond this group's membership through any media, communication vehicles, and/or persons.

 We, the student organization, do realize that this group may approach the SG to seek such privileges for a specific event, lobby, or issue. It is further understood that SG reserves the right to grant, deny, or amend any such requests.

Student Life Registration Policies

A Student Organization must register within the determined deadline for the full academic year, Fall Term to Summer Term the following year, and receive the status of Registered Student Organization (RSO) in order to acquire the following benefits: Student Organization Mailbox, Student Organization Account, Student Organization Locker, Priority Scheduling for Bake Sale Locations, Priority Scheduling for SOC Conference Center, Room Reservation, Distribution Table Reservation, Student Organization Discount through University Catering Services, Supplement Funding from Student Government.

In the case a Student Organization registers late the following guidelines and stipulations go into effect: 1) In the event an organization does not register on time, they will be stripped of Benefits until they submit their registration form; 2) In the case a student organization registers late, penalties of limited to no Benefits may incur at the discretion of the Office of Student Life. 3) A student organization may challenge the decision of the Office of Student Life with the Student Judicial Board in regards to Benefits not being granted.

Failure to register will result in the following consequences: 1) Being stripped of all Benefits mentioned above; 2) More than 2 consecutive years of not registering will result of permanent club deactivation.

Registration Calendar:

First Monday of August - Registration Forms will go live online for the next year

Last Friday of September - Registration Forms are due

After this deadline passes, student organization may submit registration forms, however they may incur limited to no Benefits, at the discretion of the Office of Student Life.

New Registered Student Organizations are exempt from this process until the following academic year.


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