Printing Refund Request

To request a printing refund, please complete this form. The authorization of an ITS employee is required to be granted a refund. To ensure processing of your request is successful, please deliver the pages which did print to either the 3174 WSW ITS Helpdesk (8am to 5pm Mon-Fri) or 206 MSB (7am to 10pm Mon-Fri, 10am to 6pm Sat) after submitting this form, or upload a scan of the pages at the bottom of this screen.

*Refunds will not be given for print errors made by the user printing (such as pages or print options being set up incorrectly, printing from Blackboard, etc.)
*Refunds are only given for printer malfunctions

Upon submission of your request, you will receive an acknowledgement email. You will then be able to check the status of your request at Once your request has been processed you will receive an email confirming the decision. Please allow 2-3 business days for the refund to appear on your account.

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