University of Michigan-Flint

Alumni Information Request Form and Confidentiality Agreement 
University Advancement has been charged by the Chancellor of the University of Michigan-Flint to be the official custodian of all alumni/donor biographical records, addresses, mailing lists, and mailing labels. This information is maintained by the University of Michigan exclusively for alumni and development-related purposes. The university makes available alumni information to authorized university representatives in support of approved related activities. It is the responsibility of the school, department, or unit having access to the information to maintain the confidentiality of that information. All information is covered by this confidentiality statement. Information is not available to groups or individuals within or outside the university for purposes including, but not limited to, vendor mailings, political mailings, unauthorized fundraising appeals or the creation of any lists that have not been approved, in writing, by University Advancement.
Submission by a university faculty or staff member certifies that: 

1) Applicant is a full-time faculty/staff member. 
2) The data will be used only for the benefit of the University of Michigan. 
3) The use of the data is a part of, or reasonably related to the university‚Äôs overall educational program and meets all the requirements and limitations described above, on the AREL website, and in the Standard Practice Guide. 
4) The downloading and transfer of digital data will not be allowed. Printed data can be released to volunteers acting on behalf of the university with the written permission of the Chancellor or University Advancement.
University Advancement has the right to approve or deny this application and to monitor the use of any released data. Violation of this agreement will terminate assistance with any current or future requests for alumni/donor information and may result in an employee suspension and/or termination.  




By pressing submit, you are agreeing to all of the terms and the confidentiality agreement.
Please fill out form at least two weeks prior to the intended use date.

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