Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving Planning Tool for UM-Flint Units

With regard to engaging alumni, please list the top three goals for your unit. Please provide any details that will help us understand the strategic reasoning behind these goals. 

Please answer the following questions related to your department's/program's communications efforts. 

Events are a significant aspect of alumni engagement. Please answer these questions about your department’s/programs's events.

Annual Giving 

Resources to engage alumni come from a variety of places including University Advancement, dean’s offices, academic departments, the University of Michigan Alumni Association, and others. Please answer the following questions related to the resources that your department expects to invest in the engagement of alumni.

a. If you answered yes, who is the person and what percentage of their time dedicated to these efforts?

2. Campus leaders play a significant role in the success of alumni engagement activities. Are any faculty/staff within your department/program perceived as “being connected” to alumni that could help our efforts? If so, please list the faculty/staff member’s name(s).

3. What resources do you feel are most needed to successfully achieve the goals you have for your alumni engagement activities? (Rank 1-6 with 1 being the most important.)


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